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Toigo [featured artist]

Toigo [featured artist]

The great musical artists have all processed a unique skill. The subtle ability to take apart this complicated puzzle of life and rearrange the pieces in a way that makes sense where no sense existed before. To bring commonality in the most raw of human emotions. Pain, pleasure, joy, sorrow, love and often most importantly heartache.

These words ricochet in the mind and heart when listening to the latest release from Vancouver’s TOIGO; The EP: “I Feel This Love Turn Cold”.

“Why the hell isn’t this all over the radio?” Seriously, why?”

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I Feel This Love Turn Cold

Inspired by the success of his early 2021 release, “Starchild”, TOIGO headed back into the studio with the mission of “finishing the thought” and “Cold” was born. Working with A list producer/songwriter Brian Howes (HINDER, TAYLOR SWIFT, SKILLET) and members of The Odds, Mother Mother and The Envy and LA hit songwriter Sophie Rose on the song, “Another Shade Of Blue” TOIGO has crafted a work that will surely bring this Tsawwassen native to the world stage.

“I Feel This Love Turn Cold” plays like a roadmap of the human condition. From the opening salvo of the upcoming single, “We’ve Got Tonight To Leave Me Broken” to the Beatles influenced “Dreamed About Love”, the EP is filled with hope, sorrow and the realities of taking a chance on the greatest risk of all, love.

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