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Ergo, Bria [featured artist]

Ergo, Bria [featured artist]

Ergo, Bria (also known as Bria McCollum) is an singer and songwriter with many musical talents. She write musical scores, plays classical piano, the guitar, violin, viola and not to mention is a vocalist. Bria is recognized for her powerful and loving vocal range. This Georgia peach really started to earn her keep while playing piano for her home church. But being that she has been practicing classical since the age of eight, her love is still there with the classics.

Currently based in Nashville, TN where she attends Belmont University as a songwriting major, Bria strives to break the typical barriers of an artist because of her unique voice and style choices. With her passion for genre-bending, she uses her background as a classical pianist, violist, and violinist to create a completely different arena of music. Much of her work contains deep, yet very literal lyrics about, mental health, heartbreak, love, and society.

“Ergo, Bria’s ability to effortlessly weave larger than life songs that rival other rock, pop and alternative stars with a fiery delivery make her tracks burst with vigor. ”

Tuned Loud Magazine

Playing to Her Strengths

Ergo, Bria is certainly a performer on the rise, and her single “Plethora” proves it. This record is straight rock n roll fire, and her best work yet. Chugging guitars, a driving rhythm and soaring choruses, carry a sassy-swagger with a whole lot of firepower. That said, Ergo,Bria stills finds a way to keep the song nuanced and catchy, with plenty of singalong sections. “Plethora” kicks ass, there’s no other more eloquent way to put it. Ergo,Bria has a grit to her voice that really pins well against the angst of the lyrical and instrumental content.

Ergo, Bria manages to enhance the entire listening experience with a deft songwriting touch and a surprising sense of melody that belies the bombast. Confident and assured, “Plethora” is the sound of an artist who knows her strengths and her worth, and is playing to them openly.

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