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Cautious Clay [featured artist]

Cautious Clay [featured artist]

(per NY Times) . Joshua Karpeh, who is known professionally as Cautious Clay, is a musician, songwriter and producer known for his dreamlike R&B songs about love in the digital era, when identities are carefully constructed and interactions are mediated by technology.

A classically trained flutist and saxophonist, he has collaborated with John Legend and John Mayer. When composing a song, Mr. Karpeh often starts with the melody, then writes stream-of-consciousness lyrics infused with wordplay. “I love language,” he said. “I tell dad jokes all the time just for myself, literally just for myself. I know they’re corny.”

“Brooklyn-based musician Cautious Clay finds the harmony between his maximalist production tendencies and his minimalist, intimate approach to vocals and lyrical honesty.”

Atwood Magazine

Big Break

In 2016, Mr. Karpeh was approached by Finneas O’Connell to remix Billie Eilish’s single “Ocean Eyes.” His debut song, “Cold War,” amassed a million streams in its first month in 2017, and was featured in films and TV shows including Issa Rae’s “Insecure” and was sampled by Taylor Swift on her album “Lover.” “I feel like my music is bigger than me at this point,” Mr. Karpeh said.

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