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Arlo Parks [featured artist]

Arlo Parks [featured artist]

In Arlo Parks’ world, words are as useful as photographs. Luscious, expressive vignettes pepper the poetic lyrics in her sweet, ruminative indie pop songs. She’s inspired by an eclectic mix of artists from Radiohead to Portishead, and Sufjan Stevens to Solange.

“Rendering the story of her own journey in poetic terms, Parks consciously elevates emotional growing pains to the level of art—providing a slice of life that is profoundly ordinary and humming with potential.”

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It Was Poetry, Not Music

On NPR's All Things Considered, Arlo Park's states that as a teenager in West London, she read Allen Ginsberg's "Howl," which she remembers emanating a sense of yearning and longing, while also challenging ideas of form and rhyme. Parks says the poem gave off an air of humanity, but was equally strange and intense.

When she first tried her hand at poetry, it all seemed to revolve around escapism — a Hollywood fantasy, moving off the grid or falling in love. But music eventually made its way into Parks' creative practice when she started speaking poetry over beats. Art, poetry and songwriting all meshed into what would become her first EP, Super Sad Generation, a collection of vivid and confessional songs from a Gen Z perspective.

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